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    Lintang Buana Tourism Services is a legitimate Tour Operator based in Surabaya, East Java - Indonesia, with links to our affiliate tour operators nationwide.

    We registered as PT Lintang Buana Wisata Nusantara with License No. 503/, which also a member of PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) No. 569822 as well as ASITA (Association of Indonesia Tours & Travel Agency) No. 0228/XII/DPP/2005.

    Concerning quality, performance, and price, we offer attractive advantages to visitors, we can deal with international customers at any time, and we look after every guest, individually and discreetly.

    We endeavor to be attentive and provide excellent service. Our wealth of experience gained with international tourists is the ideal prerequisite for a pleasant stay in Indonesia.

    Thanks to our qualified travel guides, we can deal with all aspects of your journeys throughout Indonesia.

    Of course, we also provide individual programs based on your customers' requests and requirements. Besides guided round trips, we offer outline programs for conferences, sports events, study trips, and adventure holidays.

    Please be sure that your trip to Indonesia is memorable by traveling with us.

    We Take Care of the Details - You ENJOY THE TRIP

    Our goal is to take care of the hassles associated with traveling in another country. Each tour program is designed from countless hours and miles of travel, along with extensive logistical research. Our tour fees cover in-tour transport, guide services, accommodations, meals as indicated, admission fees, government taxes, toll fees, parking fees, and any other unpredicted fees. All you need to worry about is making sure you take the lens cap off for taking a picture, of course!

    We Know the GOOD SPOTS

    We have allocated plenty of time at each major attraction to allow you to relax, immerse yourself in the landscape around you, and capture contemplated images. With a private tour, we can visit and more fully explore places than would be feasible with a Join-in-Coach Tour. Most importantly, we understand that being in the right place at the right time is critical to capturing great photos, which is why traveling with a locally-based guide is so mattering.

    Your Guides is a real INDONESIAN traveler

    All of our guides are Indonesian, and we are the real travelers. We know every "Angkot" route, how to bargain with the "Becak" driver, where to find the excellent quality "Batik," what's the meaning of the relief on Borobudur Temple, and for sure how to service our invaluable friends "YOU."

    These regional knowledge, friendly, courteous manner, and organizational skills will make all the difference to your trip experience and enjoyment on tour. After traveling with us for a few days, we are sure you won't want the journey to end!


    We love Indonesia, and we are promoting responsible travel and ecotourism, supporting sustainable development, and helping and encouraging you to protect the cultures and environments we visit.


    Getting a good night's rest and having excellent food is essential when you are on tour. Being a tourist, we know that the days can be long as it is necessary to be out in the field early and often finish after sunset to take advantage of the warm twilights. For your comfort, we stay in accommodations that are selected for their quality, location, and value, without being excessive. These are 3 - 4-star properties. We try to stay away from lodgings that are the domain of large tour groups as these can often be noisy and less-than-relaxing places to stay. On rare occasions, it is necessary to stay in more standard lodgings only due to the lack of choice (Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater, for example, where the only public accommodation is a backpacker style). Where possible, we schedule rest breaks during the middle of the day, and there is also a chance to relax while traveling between locations.

    Indonesia''s cuisine has come of age and fresh; local produce combines with such mouth-watering specialties as "Sate Ayam" (chicken barbeque in a bamboo stick) and tempting "Soto Ayam" (Indonesian Style Chicken Soup). At the same time, vegetarians are also well catered. Breakfasts are usually either cooked or continental. An excellent selection for lunches is enjoyed in a variety of settings from country pubs to informal a-la-carte restaurants. And, of course, no visit to Indonesia would be complete without a hearty portion of "Nasi Goreng" - our fast-food favorite, encouraged to be eaten with "Krupuk Udang" (Shrimp Crackers) and Sambal (chili sauce).

    Our Commitment to You

    From your first contact with us to saying goodbye at the tour's end, our goal is to treat you the way we would like to be treated. You will quickly discover that you are much more than just a number and name badge - traveling as a private group means you will enjoy outstanding personal service. We keep in close contact with you before your arrival in Indonesia. We will send out, via email, a summary of your tour along with pre-arrival information so that you are fully prepared for your visit here.

    On tour you will experience our famous Indonesian hospitality, Indonesian smile and enjoy relaxing accommodations, good company and, of course, plenty of laughs! We place great importance on your safety and well-being while you are traveling with us, and your guide/driver has completed an advanced driver training course, a four-wheel-drive training course, and holds a current First Aid certificate.

    We want you to feel at home with us so that you will take back to your home photographs and memories of a lifetime.

    Hotel and Accomodations

    Accommodation in Indonesia ranges from a basic box with a mattress to the finest five-star luxury corpulent money can buy. Costs vary considerably around Java, but in general, Java has a lot to offer.

    Accommodation prices do not necessarily increase in outer and more remote areas, but less competition sometimes means lower standards.

    Some hotels have fixed prices and display them, but prices are often flexible, especially in low seasons. This applies particularly to mid-range and top-end hotels, where discounts of 10% to 50% are readily available.

    In general, there are 2 (two) primary classification of accommodation. The first one is Star Rated Hotels (Hotel Berbintang) that start its class from 1 (one) star to 5 (five) stars while the last is Jasmine Class Hotels (Kelas Melati), from 1-3 grade of Jasmine. The classification is being controlled & evaluated by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Culture (for star rated), and the local, provincial government (for jasmine class).

    The simple differences between the two classifications above are the prices & services. Hotel "berbintang" refers to the mid-range to top end hotels, and you can stay in hotel Melati just as low as Rp 75,000 per night.

    Other than the two classifications above, there are also different kinds of accommodation i.e., Losmen, Pondok Wisata, or Guest House.

    You can search for the accommodations you want through our two affiliated tables:

    (We will get a small commission from the hotel transaction that you ordered through these two booking engines, without affecting your final price)

    Standard / Deluxe Accomodation


    Budget Accomodations

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How many people will there be on tour?
    A: Most of the tours we offer are private tours. You can specify their group size. We recommend each group to a maximum of 25 participants, plus your guide. On the Off-road Adventurer tour, there is a maximum of four participants, plus your guide.

    Q: How do I book a tour space?
    A: Go to our reservations page or send us your email through our contact us form.

    Q: How can I pay for my tour?
    A: For your tour deposit, we accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, cash deposit, internet bank transfer, and International Money Transfer. The remaining balance of the tour should be settled in cash or bank transfer. Please ask us for our company's Bank Account details with its swift code and our PayPal account.

    Q: When is payment required?
    A: At least 30 days before the tour commencement date. Bookings made closer to the tour date than these times need to be paid for upon confirmation of your tour space.

    Q: What is included in the tour fee?
    A: At the bottom of each itinerary, you will find a list of Inclusions and Exclusions.

    Q: Do I need travel insurance?
    A: As this is not included in the tour fee, we strongly recommend that you purchase your travel insurance. We may suggest you some of the best options. Please ask us.

    Q: What if I have special dietary requirements?
    A: Please contact us to discuss this. We will try to meet your requirements where possible.

    Q: How fit do I need to be?
    A: It depends on which trip do you want to take. But in general, we recommend a standard level of fitness. For example, you will be able to walk up to the peak of Mt Bromo (245 stairs). Please contact us if you wish to discuss your suitability for any of the tours' activities.

    Q: Are your tours suitable for people with special needs (i.e., wheelchair)?
    A: Yes, of course, please specify this on your email to us.

    Q: Do I need to exchange money before arriving in Indonesia?
    A: No. Most banks in each town we pass through have a Money Changer.

    Q: Can I use my credit card in Indonesia?
    A: The most commonly accepted cards in Indonesia are Visa and Mastercard.
    Bankcard, Diners Club, American Express, and JCB are also accepted but not as widely. Savings account cards that are connected to networks such as Maestro and Cirrus can be used at most ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) to withdraw cash. You will need to contact your bank regarding this.

    Q: Should I arrive in Indonesia a day or two before the start of the tour to recover from jetlag?
    A: If you are traveling from the UK, US, Europe, or Africa, we highly recommend arriving in Indonesia at least one day before the tour begins so that you are refreshed and ready to go.

    Q: Can you arrange accommodation for me pre and post-tour?
    A: Yes. Let us know in advance.

    Q: How much luggage can I bring with me?
    A: We suggest you bring one travel case and one hand-carry bag.

    Q: What should I bring?
    A: We believe that you can find lots of travel check-list on the internet. Some of the useful links that we found are from Oanda. They provide a travel check-list from pre-departure items until home-check lists.

    Q: I've read a negative word about you on one travel site, can you comment?
    A: We realize that in a business, there will always be disappointed customers. But of course, there will also be satisfied customers. Statistics say that a disappointed person will complain ten times more than a satisfied customer writing positive feedback. What we can convey to you is, look at it from various perspectives. In the end, we are grateful that there are more of our customers who leave positive reviews than vice versa.
    Also, don't forget that we are engaged in a very competitive business world. Not all of our competitors use healthy means of doing business. One of the tasks they do is to create negative publications about their competitors.